" I've had friends that couldn't be my lover. I've had lovers who couldn't be my friend. I can't wait for the day I find the person that is both."

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

iKon is my type

Anyeong yeorobun !

It is 3 days to go till iKoncert Showtime in Kuala Lumpur. Oh my gash I'm so excited ! I'm finally can meet my oppas after long time having crush on them my gash. Especially Bobby ahhhh. So fix to my type.

Well, IME Asia which is iKoncert penganjur also held another few event include sound check party, send off party and meet & greet pass ! The winners of the event will be selected by lucky draws and unfortunately, I didn't win any of sound check or send off party. What a sad life. I have been so unlucky these day. But, the meet & greet event did not yet been announce so I will consider myself as I still have a chance to meet them. well it is 1% chance lol because the winners will be selected about 30 lucky winners, out of thousands ----

wrote it on August 10. mashaAllah YOU NEED TO KNOW WHY I STOP WRITING THAT DAY !!!

I was in my office, drafting this topic and suddenly ERA FM call me. I was so so nervous but then after take a short breath I tap on the green button. OH YEAHHHH THANKS ERA FM I WON 2 FREE TICKETS TO IKONCERT HOLLYSHIT FINALLY BALQIS CAN MEET HER JUNHOE GOSHHHH I'M SURE SHE WILL VERY HAPPY. I was so excited that time and gave a call to Balqis oh my goodness.

Well, guys it is 10 days has passed since the ikoncert but I feel a bit regret for not buying my bias a present beeeeecauseee I met them at airport omg they are so handsome so damn handsome. I'm not regret at all being obsess to them.